P0767. Just give me a reason


You were a sweetheart from the start
You stole my heart
and I your willing victim
I showed the parts of me
They weren’t so beautiful
and with every touch you made them better

Now you talk in your sleep.
Things you never say to me.
Tell me that you have had enough
of our love, our love

Give me a reason
but a little bit is enough
Only one second, we are not broken,
but bent and we can learn to love again
It is written in the stars
It is already written in the scars, on our hearts
We are not broken but bent
We can learn to love again

I’m sorry I don’t understand
where this is all coming from
I thought it was so good
– we all had it –
Your head goes crazy again
my darling we all have
and it’s all in your head
– Yes, but it happens –

You have those really bad dreams
You are so close to my heart
It is now nothing more than false air
between our love, our love,
Our love, our love

Oh, tears of pain
– I fix it for us –
We collect dust
– But our love is enough –
You keep it in
– You let it flood –

No, it’s not as bad as it looks
We will find a way