P0763. The door closes


I close the door of my heart without even a backward glance
Without you I go further, I want you not let control my life
Whether it succeeds, it’ll turn out
this time, I’m strong, this time I bend no more
I get out of my way and won’t show me where you are
Protecting my heart and taking care of my own life is what I learn from it
You don’t do me any good, you just take it and I can clean up the mess
Your males come through, you endure pains and thumbs for the good result.
Shall I tell you something? I don’t do it anymore, you lost me
I’m going to give myself back to my own life
Let’s see where that path leads
You only live long live the fun
Does what you want, but not with me
It is over dear darling, I let you go and you don’t have to see anymore, you are free.