P0749. Letting go


Consciously, unconsciously
Jou forget
I can hardly bear
always are you there

Let go,
The oxygen
need as much as I do

Let go
I really wanted to
know that

I’m so sorry,
please do
n’t be mad at me.
It’s really
not easy

Sometimes I think
you love me
Other times
I seem
the biggest
block on your leg

In the one dream you give
me a pearl and
hold my hand

In the other you
send me away
and say:
go learn,
let me go ..

I guess

One moment
I cannot miss you
The other moment
I find you

Then again
you are my dream
And your energy makes
me as soft
as a feather

I want to let you go

Sometimes I ca
n’t do it anymore

Then I think:
God what do I
have to lose for this?

I’m really sorry
if it’s going to be difficult