Q0613. Your soul love is already married, and then?


I certainly met my Soul Love, and vice versa, but he is already married, I find that very difficult, who has experience with this to deal with this?

Answer 1
Yes, that is very difficult, my twin is also married. the attraction is so great that it is difficult to get along with each other, because if you are each other’s twins then you are each other’s loved one, this has made me very strong and my twin is in my heart and I am forever connected to him that I feel now. (Unknown)

Answer 2
If you want to make a decision …. is to follow./for me, being completely honest with each other is the only option, about everything. (Unknown)

Answer 3
And no claimed, no lying, (Unknown)

Answer 4
Stay clean. (Unknown)

Answer 5
You will have to make it depend on your married twin if he wants contact with you. (Unknown)

Answer 6 You
can’t generalize like that, you really can’t; it’s not about cheating, sex! but soul love, there you are at least with the three of you. (Unknown)

Answer 7
No. 3 is universe, God … it has recently put me on the other foot from the 1st. (Unknown)

Answer 8
Mmmm, that is very black and white. (Unknown)

Answer 9
Yes, I have experience, we are both married, twin and I and that is damn hard! especially if you both want to have the feeling that you are ready, hard to wait because the universe / god or whatever you want to call it has decided that we have to wait. We rely on the correct timing determined by above and that is called surrender and that is the most difficult part of all lessons, surrender and trust that everything has a purpose and that they know exactly when it is our time, without our own responsibilities in it. getting out of the way, we know our path, we know what to do at what time and are guided in it, lovingly (Unknown)

Answer 10
Yes I have exactly that; it reminds me of a book that I read about ancient cults such as shamans, indians … who go into a trance to dispel sadness, old pain in someone; they talk about old pain msschm old pain from your magical past, at least something that blocks you; you then get a brew to process that pain, or to literally puke it out; that’s how I feel my pain. don’t blame anyone but try to ‘puke’ it in one way or another I already did that with a piece and that felt good =) (Unknown)

Answer 11
Now that I think about it, rep.10, there was also such a thing in my workshop about the mayas, who also attached great importance to rituals, it was advised, among other things, to devise a ritual that suits you because of very old and old patterns to leave behind you. I’m going to think about that very seriously, such a ritual . (Unknown)