P0729. Obsession


Give me the space and give yourself the space
Give me the chance and give yourself the chance

I use the energy that I now get from you very well.
Use the energy from me in an efficient way.
That’s what the energy is all about and you taught me that in the first instance.

But it went a little differently
You gave me love and I gave you love on a human level, which I don’t regret

You are now pushing me into a position where you are bringing the dream far away.
Let me free for a while and let yourself free, free from me.
Free to teach me how to build the filters.

Am I crazy, or do I feel your energy
The energy of your love
Pure love, as horny as honey
Or am I pre-programmed by all those believers?

Age difference makes something for me to get used to and that has been so for years.
But it is written in the stars that we are one and will always be one

I want to
let go of my obsession for you Let go of your obsession for me

You have my number!

If that poem is meant to me with the letter R then you can always email me via facebook. For me it is also an obsession but I have already let you go so you feel my energy around you. When I had you, it was the other way around and that energy was around you.
That we are 1 is clear through the years. I prefer to be with you and I love you too. Mail me

Oops, I too am attracted by this poem and the letter R! And I’m pretty confused. What I don’t understand is that you are asking for space? You get that from me! And you want to let go of the obesession and be released in it, but do you close with your number? What do you want? You also have my number and I recently sent you an innocent text to congratulate you. Your response to this came back to me in many symbols and vibrations, that was very nice, but a text message back would have been much easier and clearer!