P0709. Dear darling


This is extreme
I can hardly believe it

But you know … you have the gift, I have the gift
We know what the scenarios of the future can be

I love you from the bottom of my heart
But 24 hours connected to each other put enormous out
And I feel that for you

6 nights on average and then we see each other again
But we have to talk about phase 2 No matter

how difficult I find it and you too,
Get your courage together … we have to talk

When I was 6 years old I said : “I want you.”
But now I am an adult and we have an adult astral love.

If you know this now, respond with a clear answer
Because otherwise this can go on forever

It is so difficult to estimate whether your own twinflame is on the other side of the poem or not. Because almost everyone here writes anonymously, it is difficult to recognize each other. Your words do evoke recognition from me, but I don’t know if you really are my twinflame. I
dream to meet here, knowing that the chance is very small. Love,
(A twinflame woman)