S258. I was out with a friend


I was out with a friend and we had a great time. Suddenly someone tapped my back and I looked him in the eyes … It was suddenly pats boom …

We talk a lot and immediately felt like a band I had known for a long time. I was so open and honest. Felt no fear at all and could be 100% myself. The feeling of total acceptance. Almost felt like I was floating. We could not stay away from each other. Always a small touch and we had a lot of fun and danced wonderfully. Later I became emotional … very weird … just as if I suddenly realized that after a very long time I saw someone I really loved again … got tears in my eyes and also told him that I had the idea that I had him from a past life knew … He had exactly the same feeling. He said that he was getting married next week, but that everything was now upside down. Why did this have to happen? It just couldn’t be. I told him too and that was how I felt that I wanted the best for him .. Also love with someone else. Unconditional.

Only it felt as if I had missed the train .. He has spotted me in the pub / area for 10 years, knew exactly where and when and with whom, but he hadn’t noticed me then … also weird .. why do I get this feeling now and so do he. The time went super fast and when the pub closed, he cycled home with me. He held my hand when we cycled together … we were 1! Such a strange but also nice feeling. He still went inside and we held each other and drank tea .. afterwards I felt that he wanted to go home. He felt so weird and so did I. I did get his phone number, but I dare not want to get in touch either. He is getting married and he really doesn’t want to be among them.

We have not had a relationship. It was a one-time meeting. I don’t currently have a partner and would like a relationship with him. But that is impossible, he is getting married.

What has it brought me? The feeling that there must be more … The special thing is that you feel unconditional love that you have never felt before, not even with your parents or family or previous relationship, while you have only seen someone once. It almost felt for me as if it takes place outside of your head, but that you feel everything.

Meeting a new soul love seems the ultimate. But I also know that the chance is very small. I will nevertheless have to settle for less… Very unfortunate..but maybe you will meet again in a next life or somewhere else .. I wonder why you meet your soul love at a time when you can’t have a relationship with each other , while when that other relationship was not there it was going to happen?

My tips: You must also be able to let go of your soulmate to give him and yourself a happy life. Even without each other … I also have that strong feeling …