P0708. Lump in my throat


It is so strange to believe that I really love you
It is so strange to believe that I am a blueprint of you
It is a mystery that goes beyond my mind
And yet I want to believe that this really exists

We write this together or is it purely from myself?
It can’t be that way. Are you my other half?

I would like to tell you how much I love you
But I am afraid to go away and that you leave me
I am drowning in your eyes and I do not know what to do
My heart beats ten times as fast with a lump I have my throat

Why does love hurt so much like
healing an open wound
This is the price that I have to pay
Is it true? Is this correct?

The magic calendar is on time.
What kind of a hassle?
I want to talk to you, but I don’t know how

I dare not, and now!

You do not dare and ask “and now?”
Well, dear twinflame, gather all your courage and send your other half a message. If you are twinflames it always comes across well and you can talk about it together in peace. Because you can count on it that your twinflame feels exactly the same for you.
Good luck dear twinflame, from another twinflame in the same boat. I honestly have no idea! You will be one of the first to experience that! Keep us informed!!! I am also curious myself. In any case a real love baby, how happy he / she will be!

Thank you for your response. There are only 4 people who know about the last ‘love baby’.
At the moment I live calmly. I hope he is honest with me during the merger and doesn’t see me as a sexdoll. He has since conquered a place in my heart. But I have a relationship and it is very difficult to surrender myself completely to him. Time has no shit and time will tell.