P0692. I loved you


I had you dear

I thought for so long …
didn’t know how to say it …
couldn’t really explain it;
also not in a long message; ..

have been worrying for days ..
and in wandering thoughts ..
timeless days and nights ..
until it came, this poem …

They are only small words;
who in themselves do not really do much;
but if I put my heart and soul in it,
they are worth more than a million …

I had you Lief, Zo Lief ..
like the sun the mountains ..
like a river is in love with the reeds on the side ..
I had you Lief, Zo Lief ..
it was so difficult to hide … if I knew somewhere
that you
didn’t love me

I had you Lief, Zo Lief ..
like a star cherishes the night;
and the May rain falls gently..on a spring blossom ..

I had you Sweet, So Sweet ..
like I have never had in all my life .. or any other life ..
someone Sweet had ..

I would have loved to love you ..
very close, day and night ..
and gently wanted to tell you …
how sweet I had you ..

But that time has never come …
and now I am left with my dreams …
about how I love you …
how lovely I have you …