P0660. Doubt


Hidden feeling, still, invisible, yet always close by;
A pressing assignment … put it aside anyway;

Probably that setting aside can never work;
Loving apparently cannot be suppressed;

Does it exist 2 souls destined to be together?
Or is love a broken dream, just beautiful appearance?

A heart, sometimes joy, often sadness and sorrow;
A head, confusion, turmoil, chaos and a sad song;

Believe, build, trust, friendship, no relationship;
A complicated, difficult and precarious situation;

Unconditional love? the purpose of learning life lessons?
Painfully incomprehensible, the answer in other atmospheres?

Sympathy, warmth, affection troubling through heart and thoughts;
At the same time, lack, substantial patience, calmness, quiet waiting;

Fear of a friendship that will never succeed;
Have it fired or dare to venture unjustified;

Letting go of love, not holding on to what has never been?
Or dare to feel and like to see, free and fearless?

My opinion: If you have doubts, let your mind speak. Then you are in your head too much (is Ratio). If you listen to your feeling then you think with your heart and then you know !!! And indeed … you can’t push it away. The other remains in your system. That “is” in you! I feel it every day !! accept that and learn to handle it as well as possible. I learned that by reading about it as much as possible. Among other things on this website. It is actually best to talk about it together. But yes … then you have to cross a threshold and overcome your fear. Give it time and trust the Universe or the Higher and send your soul love Love every day.

When I doubt, I think of all the special moments we had, such as the feeling of recognition, of coming home and of the thought that you would want to give that person a lot of Love. Very bizarre because I saw that person for the first time and I did not know him at all and I was not waiting for it. And then that eye contact. As if I was looking into his soul that way.