P0726. Caught in time with you


All of a sudden you stood in front of me again, you with your too intense look and all that power so incredibly unexpected.
My walls that were so strongly built around me disappeared like snow in the sun. Everything in the background faded and the only thing left was
that shattering, too warm love energy that had
been attacking me for years.
Trapped again in eternal time with you connected to each other by it seems like
an unbreakable rope.
In natural ecstasy I woke up awake from this alarming phase.
With your eyes still on my retina, I left dreamland with mixed feelings.
The heat in my abdomen kept shaking for a while but slowly began to float away.
Shit how long will this take and when can I send these feelings away forever.
What a rest it will give you not to
be confronted again and again that you exist in my life.
For almost two years now I have insisted
that you add nothing to my happiness.
I went on with someone else and that makes it even more so that I can’t stand you.
Cursed because I know that nothing will equal this and secretly also grateful that I have ever experienced this.
I would like to give up everything to be able to experience a real live moment with you again.
But I will not give in to my desire even though I am trapped forever in time with you.

Why would you not give in to your desire too? Greetings ..