P0637. Still


and yet again ..

slow .. or fast ..
as the blood flows through each cell ..

a heart that beats and thumps at times .. recognizing
in a game of old patterns ..

in a whirlpool of joys and fear and sorrow; …
we sometimes see very clearly,
and then again not ..

know that fleeing no longer makes sense ..
of something that lives deep inside us ..

go far away from me,
I don’t want to see you!
do not feel, do not smell
do not taste, do not hear ..
do not know that you are there, anywhere …

forget that you ever existed ..
forget that my heart had opened ..

I am horrified to see your face.
I am disgusted to love you

Go Away I tell you right now!
get away far away..and leave me alone ..

let me know again who i am.
and that I recognize My face again in the mirror ..

GO … please …
go …
away ……

you … .. who i am;
I .. that you are …