P0602. Distance but so close


What would you prefer?
You ask me to contact you
My feeling tells me right now do it!
Yet I am careful what it will bring.
So long waited for this moment and now it may be time.

Would you respond to my response?

Perhaps very carefully “Hello” is enough.
Or is it still quiet on the other side?
What would you prefer?
The questions you have apply to me just as much.
What’s between us, why do I feel so much for you.
Why did I try to get you out of my system
That still didn’t work.
I wish you all the love of the people around you.
I am one of them myself, but at a distance.

It is a cord between us that will never break.
Is it falling in love?
No, it is love that I feel for you and much more than that.
I just can’t describe what you mean to me and what you do to me.
That one moment then, touching you so spontaneously.
It happened naturally, confused with adrenaline, I went home.

When I look into your eyes something happens inside
My god, I don’t know what it is but it is there.
Dear, I have known you for so long
That tells my feelings and my inner knowing.
Do you have that too?

I’ve been waiting so long for answers.
What would happen if we met again.
Would talk to each other and share it together.
It is something that screams within us.
We both have our lives, and you your family, and then ….?
I miss you….