S198. He was the first person in my life who could make me feel loved


I used to go out often with my mother and my aunt because I never really had many girlfriends and could go away, I also have a good relationship with my mother even though she usually doesn’t understand me. I was very down for a while because I had been without a boyfriend for over 2 years and yes I was 18 now and missed what others of my age had after a while I gave up and said of, it is no longer necessary for me, I am happy on my own !!

Going out did not appeal to me at all anymore and one evening my mom had to drag me along with the fires because then I really didn’t want to go and I really wasn’t going to go but did it for her to do it !!!!!!

After a while I felt an urge to go to a certain cafe and sit there, my mother let me go alone and sadly I sat alone at a table crying to think that nothing went well in my life !! !!!!

At a certain moment I looked up and recognized a boy I had met some weeks before and who was very interested in it, they were tourists who stayed here for a few months and they were with a group of friends, only after chatting with a few friends I suddenly noticed that boy who stood there aloof, the only boy who made no attempt to make advances on me. I felt something very special, indescribable and had an urge to take the first step with him myself, although I would never do that for anyone, but I had to, I felt it!We danced and immediately began to kiss and hug each other intimately, I felt super blissfully did not know what it was then because the term twinflames did not know then. What we both felt from the beginning was that we were made for each other and that we were each other’s true love. I feel a lot was happening at both of us on a spiritual level.

He was the first person ever in my life who could make me feel loved , even my parents did not succeed completely. He was what I needed and he gave me what I lacked in myself . I could always feel when I went to see him and when he left I started to realize that this was really more than just a deep love. When he had to leave for his country I gave up and it was unbearable; and I only had to experience all that without understanding family and without having friends !!!! I have become super strong because of it and I am really proud of it, I have grown in the areas that I lacked, and I have learned from my mistakes. I have learned, among other things, to be serious in a relationship, to be steadfast, to grow up, to overcome fears, self-confidenceand to develop self-love better , that meeting has made me a strong believer, every year I go on a trip to his country (to look for him, which I am not allowed to do I know but it is stronger than myself) to meet him, I know that I am not meaningless and that I have a purpose. I still rarely drink alcohol, which used to be so much every weekend, I rarely do bad things, because I am aware of the consequences again .. I have also stopped smoking  and I have become much wiser, SO MUCH YOU CAN LEARN 

We were able to experience a very beautiful loving relationship together, it only lasted for 2 months, but those were the best 2 months of my life, I did not know that I could love with all my being and that I could someday love someone see, rather than anyone else, nobody understands that !!!

The moment we met we were both single, thank God for that, I read a lot of the stories here and I thought that God had something against me but I was wrong, thanks to you I see that I can actually be grateful are that we have had something beautiful together.It has now been almost 3 years since I have been able to talk to him or hug him, but since our last meeting I feel him constantly with me and I can call him myself and have TELEPHATION with him. I had met him “by chance” in Brussels since that first meeting, I was happy because I wished I could see him with my eyes and from the moment I opened my eyes he stood before me, I was incredibly surprised !!! !!!! I was in a trance and couldn’t say anything that made us miss each other, a few months later I saw him again, but only in an instant, the night before I had a vision about that !!!!!! Then it was not the right time and we avoided each other again

The obstacles were probably to avoid each other again and again after months of praying for a reunification, it was always the wrong time, now I understand that I had not grown enough and maybe he could not … Due to certain circumstances, we could not get together his ear every time a meeting was going to take place even though that letter was short and I had a feeling, I could sense this a few months in advance, it gave a very intense feeling, plus that I also kept signs and instructions from above got the right directions !!!

We both wanted a love affair, we saw each other from the first moment and we were both single, even though we knew that this could not last and that we were not yet mature, but we knew that we would one day would come across and be happy together well I am still waiting for that moment, I am afraid because I read from other stories that it is almost impossible to start a relationship but it still feels positive in my heart and you never know I always say THERE CAN BE MIRACLES WHEN YOU BELIEVE !!!

For the moment he is out of sight, it is almost 3 years ago since our last physical contact and conversation, it has been 5 months since I saw him briefly but since that day I feel him very strongly with me !!!!! Our relationship exists forever and when I need to talk to him I do it with him, when I’m in my bed in the evening and think of him and make contact 

What it has brought me is learning, learning and still learning! Simply fantastic, I am a stronger person both physically and emotionally and certainly spiritually !!!!! since I no longer saw him I have undergone my spiritual growth, which has also made me psychic (I always had it strong in me) but it has evolved enormously !!!! I can now stand stronger in my shoes and help people !!! but: there are periods when loss and depression come up !! Then try to think of the positive things you learned from this !!

The best thing between us was our love, passion and passion, unconditional love that was not based on sex drive .. Being able to feel each other at a very deep level !!! everything disappeared and even though we could hardly talk to each other (language) we could somehow feel what the other meant, I also know that this is only 1 time in someone’s life and I really hope that after this may reunite life with him and hope that in this life I may also be happy with him !!!

We have not had sexual relations with each other, out of respect, our love went beyond any sexual desire, it is not just a crush, but a deep, intimate spiritual bond based on pure love and purity!

Like I said the feeling is indescribable and inexplicable, before I met him I did not expect that I would ever go or feel something with someone !!! it feels like being one with each other, everything else is no longer important, nothing more because you have regained your purpose in life, in fact, your goal forever! the feeling of being able to be with someone at all times and vice versa !!! Sometimes I felt that I was running away from the feeling, at the 2nd meeting my feeling became even more weird but true and it was almost unbearable to be too close to him (at the 3rd meeting too) because it feels terrible heavy, at the 2nd meeting I got into Trance and I could no longer move and or speak and the 3rd I thought I was going to die, very crazy. I myself thought that I was going crazy because I felt everything so strong and it was very stressful !!!!! It is the feeling of floating on the same cloud and giving direction together. It is the feeling of transience and eternity, you never get bored together, time flies,

Time will decide whether we can be happy together or not !! I trust God and his angels, I fully hope that whatever happens, my twinflame may be happy and that I will also find happiness again !!! My heart and thoughts are eternal with him and I feel that this is mutual, whatever they say he is my twinflame and nobody can change that .. Sometimes you just have to leave everything to above and just flourish for yourself and above all not dragged along be in that negative spiral, because I have often experienced that, remember that the more negative you are, the less chance of reunification with your twinflame, plus that your twinflame can pick up your negative feelings.

There is only 1 twinflame but I have recently come across a soulmate that I also felt for, but that was not comparable. I had the best friendship ever with that soulmate, but that too was not allowed to stand, that was difficult. I see what comes my way but first and foremost get my life in order !! And I continue to have hope and confidence in the return of my twinflame …

My tips:

Think of yourself in the first place, that is still the most important thing !!!!
draw strength from the beautiful moments that you have experienced together !!
Think from a positive point of view, what have I learned from it?
Keep yourself busy with anything and everything that changes your mind.
Don’t get stuck in a downward spiral and take steps forward, take risks, do things, take action !!
Do everything you do with love and trust your own truth in your heart, follow your heart !!
Remember that others may have a harder time !!
Hold on!! if it is a twinflame is the essence, never give up !!!!!! NEVER

Do you find it sensible that if I see my twin back to try a relationship with him or will that go wrong anyway?

Do you have tips and / or opinions on my story?