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I lie on the grass
In my garden
and watch the clouds pass by
I think of you
I love you so much
and I wonder
if I lie here
would you lie down next to me if you knew
how much I loved you?
Would we look at the clouds together?
Sharing our concerns together
Life in itself?
Maybe I wouldn’t love you if I knew you?
Not yours?
But if my feelings tell the truth
then what?
If my feeling told everything about what I needed to know, you
would have been
lying next to me years ago on the grass
watching clouds
sharing in worries and life
and not this
disapproving fearful nothing
and ridiculous
inferiority-causing mindset
that you attach yourself and that you do not fit like this

Were you here then the rain clouds came thunder and lightning
While in my opinion the sun broke
your soul warmed
You would dare to allow love into your life again but
I as your twinflame know
how difficult that is?
Because if I were you
I would have preferred thunder and lightning
And not that sweet love
around me
Because that is life hard and cold …

And only then … do you live your life
as a person becoming cold, as
And do we think …
that we love in the moment we call pleasure,
but I did not find your love
my love in that!
And you have known
for a long time … that
there are no future
things to be found there
Will you let me go?
Will you leave me alone?

I gimlach and just stretch out my hand
Whether you grab it is up to you, you
really don’t have to!

Am just like you nml
I smile just like you