P0510. You made me smile and shine


You are the missing part in my life.
You give me so much peace and
quiet that I desperately need to extinguish the fire in me.
You know me, impulsively and fervently.

You weigh and weigh, you calm me.
I the fiery ram, you the calm scales.
What do I miss our friendship …

Our roads separated at the beginning of September.
I was convinced that everything would be alright.
You thought I found a new love.
But this was not so,
I no longer had the opportunity to explain to you that that “new love” was a sham feeling.

This special, overpowering feeling for you that holds me in its grip day after day
cannot be surpassed by anything,
no other love can match it.

You made me laugh and shine,
you made sure that I came across myself.
We made each other happy,
even though we could not be together.
Yet our daily jokes and spells made us happy.

Oh how I miss all this!
Why have you completely disappeared from my life?
Why can’t we just try to become
friends again?
Why all that pain and that distance anyway