P0228. Deep inside


Deep inside, there’s a knowing ,a feeling so certain

There’s an angel in my heart, whispering you’re my tenderness, she caresses me and I feel you inside, I relax and I surrender to my feelings of love for you. I sent my tiny angel to you and hope you feel her too.
You think it is me that causes your pain, but it’s not about thinking, it’s about feeling, about feelings, so…can you feel my love, can you feel the deepest love of our hearts, I can..
even when you’re so far away
I don’t know but that’s what I feel
And I get crazy when I want you, I want to see you but it isn’t possible for me and even not for you..
I called you, I screamed, I wanted to see?
a scream of a lost soul..it hurts, I’m in pain sometimes, it paralyses.
So I ask the tiny angel of my heart to fly to you and give you my kisses..all over.. yes there you are deep inside the love of our hearts, melting together again..
be strong love..my angel and I’ll be there for you

If it’s you my love, I would like to say Thank you for your great love
The problem with this is you’ll never know who’s on the other side
I hope it is you writing those fine words to me, it’s very comforting me
Something deep inside connects me with you and I am convinced you feel it too
Every morning I wake up at 5 a.m. thinking of you immediately, wondering if you’re also awake by then
Later I fall asleep again, sometimes dreaming of you
My body doesn’t need much sleep anymore since I lost my mind in love
I keep going on the huge energy you give me,
it’s almost like tripping, a good trip for the record
Love you, my lovely man