P0111. Powerful and close


You still pull my heart vigorously
Still I get confused by you
Still you are deeper than deep
I realize that you got stuck on this

Your heart cannot make the translation – yet –
Your heart is degraded by fear and pain
Your heart cannot scream from the roofs
Your heart does not let us be together

My feeling is lost
Your doubts and uncertainties have undermined me
My feeling is whispering and moving
You dear twinflame, have abducted my heart

Abducted to the land of melancholy
Our love a beautiful symbolism
A mating dance, an intense in each other-
Never loose again, you the eternal doubter

I can devote hours to you while writing.
In my mind, how can I still seduce you

Seducing insight, love and revelation
Do you see now?
You can do it, such a simple declaration of love
Because I know very deep down
Our love for each other
Just has to start