Q0845. When will we be together forever?


I met my twinflame 2 years ago. I know 100 percent for sure, I don’t know if she knows 100 percent for sure, I told her. I never actually had a girlfriend, but there are plenty of free-range and she has exactly the same thing, but since I met my twinflame I have no desire for free-range. In fact, I am only waiting for her, she lives in the Netherlands and I in Spain, and I think I will let her go enough, but when will we get together forever? or at least meet one more time?

Answer 1
Why don’t you go after her? Let her know you want her! You have the luxury of being free, you have opportunities, possibilities. Do you know how many people here would give everything for that? A lot of! Go for it, what are you waiting for? Almost every woman waits for the man to take the biggest steps, it is in nature. Maybe she is waiting for a step from your side to know what she stands for. Go for it before it’s too late! I would give anything to have as many options as you. I have to love someone for life now that I can’t be with. That’s horrible. Do not wait any longer! (Unknown)