P0110. I’m letting you go


Slowly I will let you go
It is not easy and that is still softly expressed
But it is best for both of us
I no longer have the strength to suffer

The suffering in fear, insecurity On the
other hand gratitude that I met you
The love that flowed between us
So suddenly, without any reproach

That deeper meaning, that true love
I could find it with you
I loved you
Even if it wasn’t long

Now I hold you close to my heart
Deep in my memory
Close to my feeling
Deep inside you also feel what I mean by this

Because even with you I have seen that sparkle
That promise
That magic side You
only dared not to surrender
You also withdrew

Now that my self-love has started to flow again
Now that I know that love has no relationship with property
control of all my dreams when you wake up the moon

You still fulfill my thoughts to this day
Only I can no longer expect anything from you
Love cannot be guided
I will continue to cherish you
Until I can really free myself from you

Now, thinking of a cocoon in
which we both managed to stifle ourselves
I realize I
could not get out of it
And I could do nothing but pry myself away from you as a powerful butterfly