P0093. Sweet


the best you have awakened in me
the sweetest and tenderest you have shown me
your strong love I have felt
almost unbelievable, so much love for me ?!
you are the light that shines in me
the music that flows through me
the wind that blows through me
the warm sun that embraces me
higher than blue you let me float
deeper through you I have never sunk
caught by shining love eyes
in difficult times sweet messages
not to understand; really for me ?!
now in an all-embracing desire
for your presence, your scent, your voice
everything is so familiar and wonderfully tender
fears and emotions take place, strengthen
would you do that every day…. and write
that I love you so much and want to stay with you
know that it will be good between us
we stay, in love that is certain
our strength shines through everywhere
faith in us together, patient and sweet
infinitely tender, heart-bound and gentle
this love give both of us so much strength
the world and we can handle our fears
when we finally stand in front of each other
you are the most beautiful thing that ever happened to
me my love, you are the sweetest, the deepest ..