P0082. My twin self and me

Linda Goodman

We have fought a long and bitter battle, my twin self and I
lost and lonely, fallen angels banished
from a misty, half-forgotten galaxy of stars

caught and entangled in the net of Neptune
brutally hurt by the painful attack of Mars
tortured by the clever lies of Mercury

shocked and torn apart
by Vulcano’s distant, thunderous thunder
shattered by the lightning
of Uranus’ sudden, terrible violence

crushed under the weight of the rigid, inflexible Saturn
that extended every hour to a day …
every day to a year …
every year … to millennia of waiting

scorched by the exploding outbursts of
pride from the Sun as these wandering angels screeched silently and
helplessly in us,
yet we fought through
battle in a relentless frenzy
driven by the rumbling drums of Jupiter’s huge, vibrant
stumbling at the abyss of the tempting madness of the Moon
to, at last, trembling with fear
, submit to the threat of Pluto’s ominous grave-like
consumed by inconsolable sadness
and the chill of despair

we carry…

the wounds and scars of a fierce battle, my twin self and me

but now we walk in quiet peace … with all our scattered pieces of
one whole
together, hand in hand … snake-circle
back to the pyramidal rainbow of brilliant Eden tomorrow
crowned by the lovely Venus with the victory of love

who DID NOT DIE, but
survived the night of selfish searching

to await the tender forgiveness of the morning

and the dawn of understanding