S092. Through my soul love I have found myself again


I discovered it the moment I saw light around him and felt unconditional love, and could speak to him without words. I was married and waited until I got divorced. I have a telepathic relationship with him and I want a real relationship with him. If it gets too intense, he walks away. I think we both want a love affair. I want a relationship with him, maybe that will come. Our relationship is now telepathic, I miss him, I no longer have any contact with him, he became too much. I can still feel it.

Through my soul love I have found myself again . More feeling and I now see the world differently. An intense deep love really indescribable, so sweet and warm.
Eroticism is much more intense, heavenly.
We have become 1.

It feels heavenly, intense love, but also very confronting.
I love him unconditionally, and even though it won’t work out, I’ve found my half and nothing will ever come in between, even though I may get a different relationship, that bond is so intense and close, nothing comes and no one in between, that is something forever.
And I am really very grateful to the God and his angels that I experience all this.

My tip is; Keep believing in God and love, and let it come over you.