P0065. Untitled


I close my eyes, you are so much closer.
I listen to the echo in my mind, the words you said to me.
With all my hope I live to the day of tomorrow.
You have hidden a good heart behind a sweet smile.
Only to be seen by someone who understands what love is.
It feels the feelings of your lack.
I get a peaceful feeling when I look into your eyes.
You look back the same way, so gently and kindly.
I’m in love with you, and I have to think about you every day.
I long for the love that I would like to give you.
I would like to reach you, but I don’t know how?
It is wise, although you give in to your feelings.
I’m here for you when you need me, even when it all seems hopeless.
I will cheer you up because you make me happy when you look happy.
I see again and again how honest you are, that is why I trust you.
I would like to do everything for you because I believe in you.
You came as a stranger with the light in your eyes, I hope meant for me.
I have never felt such a feeling of pure love.
I would like to tell you how much I care.
I would like to stay with you forever, as long as I live.
I have come to love you in the time that has passed.
But if you want to get out of my heart, you’ll have to break it first.