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I cannot describe what I feel for you,
so much happiness and so much pain at the same time, how is that possible?
I feel the warmth of your soul, looking up my soul.
Your hands, your eyes seek contact ..
I stop it … I fight against the wishes of my soul.
I love you dearly, nobody knows … you do?
God what an ordeal this is, the toughest in my life ..
I sacrifice my love against the happiness of 6 others ..
I may not feel what I feel, I must persist ..
I want you to know that you are always with me .. even though I see you so little ..
I feel your sorrow, your joy, even at a distance.

In you I have experienced the love of god, I have discovered the meaning of life.
Sometimes I have to cry during my prayers and conversations with god, I know what he expects of me.
It is a fierce battle for the happiness of others.
Forgive me if I hurt you, forgive me: I should never have looked at you with my soul.
I know I have ignited this sea of ​​fire, I could not control
myself, please forgive me …
This is not an end, our beginning is yet to come, I now give you to her,
I want you for infinite, for eternal life, hold on…