S392. I am in a flow where everything seems to come my way very ‘by chance’


I started painting. Get to know someone through instagram who started painting the same time as me. He finally added me on facebook. That’s how we started talking. There was a click right away. Although everything is in English, it clicked immediately and it felt like we had known each other for years.

Warm feeling inside. Vibrate. All kinds of things occurred. Did not know what to do with it. But thanks to clairvoyant girlfriend I knew. He is my twinflame.

We have both spoken to each other that we know that we are each other’s twinflames. He is also spiritual and me too. The spark jumps over and over again. We feel warm when we talk to each other. We feel the urge to help each other and we will certainly meet. I will go there in 6 months.

My partner doesn’t know this. He knows I have a huge click with him but not everything around it. He is not spiritual. On the contrary, he does not believe all of that.

He has now been gone for 6 months. So that is an obstacle.

We still have to meet in real life. But there is an intense tension between us. We both experience that. The meeting will be an eye opener.

Now mainly mail and WhatsApp contact. Have already called each other and also make video calls. We know who we are from each other. And are in line with everything. But we both crave more.

Since I know him my life has been upside down. I am starting to make a name for myself with painting. Is in a flow where everything seems to come my way very “by chance”. It is incredible what is going on now in my life. I also radiate confidence and confidence. People see that because they have spoken it too.

We send music to each other and every time the lyrics of this music seem to suit us. Had many goosebumps moments.

Warm familiar all over creating creative feeling. Feel heat vibrate uncontrollably all day. Very strange but nice haha