S385. Our love is my compass, to stay on my path


I saw her and was immediately in love. She could do anything with her eyes. It felt when I saw her as if only we existed. Our energy danced with each other, through each other, through each other and through each other as if a warm, loving blanket was laid over you. We could talk with our eyes.
We have no relationship, only professional contact. We are both women and both married.
I have been open and honest to my husband. He has been able to understand.
She doesn’t want a love affair anyway. I wanted to go for it, but afterwards I realize that this kind of love has had a completely different main purpose for me.
There is no relationship between us. Although I feel our love at the moments that I am doing very well, I feel very strong and everything feels good in myself. We only have professional contact if necessary.
I am becoming more and more myself and it keeps on going. If I no longer feel the love that I felt between us, then I know that something is not going well with me. Then I go beyond myself. Then I’m off my path and I have to change something. Our love is my compass to stay on my path.
I found the most special: All the signs and answers that come to me in a mysterious way. The moments when we apparently have to see each other after a fight. But the best and most beautiful thing is still the feeling of that unconditional love that remains in the background. We just know about each other.
We have not experienced eroticism together, but feeling each other’s energy feels much deeper and more intimate than what I have experienced with others in one way or another.
My soul love feeling: All-embracing, unconditional, strong, soft, deep, familiar, safe. … everything. .
I barely see her and occasionally I experience that as very difficult. It feels like mourning. Sometimes terribly painful, although it never lasts long. It continues to feel like a continuous miss. Knowing what you have missed all your life. To miss that.
I will never seek this kind of love, it will happen to you. I will never go for less again.
Soul love is the way to have peace with yourself. In all areas. You show all the sadness and pain that you encounter in your life in which you do not yet accept yourself. Learn that and you will forever feel the love and peace that you have come to know through your soul love.

My tip: Do not force anything, trust your feelings, always do what feels right, surrender to this love and live by your truth!