S384. I accept the situation as it is


About 2 years ago, my twinflame and I met. When I saw her I saw so much recognition. The contact with her was overwhelming and she complemented me so well. We drowned in each other’s eyes. We could keep looking at each other. I had clairvoyant, clairvoyant and clairvoyant experiences for which I asked support from various spiritual counselors. I don’t know if she had this either, but it was amazing that we felt flawlessly together. I felt that I was slowly going crazy, could not place it and felt that I could not share it with anyone. She sat and is constantly in my system. In addition to collaboration at work, we also started a private collaboration. This went great until the feelings I had developed for her made her known. She promptly stopped the collaboration and started ignoring me. I made a few attempts via email and at her workplace to get in touch with her again and apologize. I was always shown the door and as a reward for the initiative I received my boss. I was punished for this with an official warning and transferred to another team within the same location. We only have to deal with each other often enough. So now we ignore each other, although this feels like a true torture. Once she was standing in front of my workplace, I approached the counselor whether she could help with mediation. My twinflame is not open to it. My employer called in an office for this, only she didn’t want to talk, so that a form was chosen in which we could tell our story separately. She sees my initiatives as criminal, selfish. It has instilled her fear and her fear has been leading from the start. She says she has always waited for a conversation, but this is contrary to my efforts. There is nothing I can do in this but give her space. My wife, soulmate, could empathize for a long time, but as this continued, it began to feel like betrayal to her. We sought help, picked things out, but got further stressed. We broke up for half a year and had the feeling that we no longer understood each other. The children didn’t understand it anymore and started to bounce. The moment I really thought it was no longer going to work, another spark jumped between my wife and I. We have been together again for some time and it feels good. We can better relate to each other, give each other the space and also visit each other more often. We support each other much more than before. My twinflame and I still ignore each other. It continues to feel uncomfortable, but through her I now know that life is all about making and maintaining connections. I am happy to know that she is working on herself. I don’t know how to get in touch with her, but I accept the situation as it is. I see her getting stronger, she picks up more and occasionally opts for the light, which makes her shine again and again! She heals herself and that’s good. Apparently I didn’t feel it all as well as I thought; my actions have been silly, but life is choosing its path for the both of us … Separately from each other, then again. I will always feel connected to her: at a distance!