S380. A recognition greater than you can understand


I discovered it the moment there was a recognition greater than what you can understand but only know.

I have experienced a complete acceptance of who I am and I had and have an incredible amount of room for him as he still does a lot of crap with his Ego. I think I know I learned from how far he came to me. I knew it was all baggage with us that the enormous love often stood in the way. I knew that, but he started putting everything on me. I am there now and realize that I have been responsible for my parents all my life and he challenged me so much and still to say Stop and live for myself. He is addicted and now I have had to stop our contact because I cannot show him that he can love himself and he has been very unkind and abusive to me. Again a wake_up from my past. I find it heartbreaking,

We had a loved relationship, not other partners. I saw a future with children, everything! … I had no relationship with another. An obstacle was my lack of self-love, which made him incredibly over me. He also has the same thing but is much stronger in Ego and is also lost in drugs. We wanted to get married and have children. His addiction unfortunately grew stronger and he took no responsibility and I ended the relationship. In my heart that is not really over yet, even after 3 years I am still in love.

Our relationship has ended and I am walking my way without him and that is flourishing but at the same time very painful because I miss him a lot and would like to help him. I pray a lot and that gives peace …

The soul love has brought me to really live and wake up and is still being dragged through all the underground passages within myself as a very intense cleansing process that you still cannot understand with your mind.

The unconditional love time and time again was the most special, no matter what happened between us.

Sexuality was like no other and explosive and full. Unfortunately with the use of drugs it declined. Thinking about him is like sex.

The soul love feeling is “born and arrived” for me.

The relationship has ended. Enormous mourning process, saying goodbye and you know there is nothing you can do to change it. It is not in my hands. Occasionally no longer know why I live without him, luckily slowly find my way without him. Given his heavy addiction, I am very afraid that it will never work out. I prepare myself internally that it will no longer come together in this life. I do not understand him well, I do not understand his pain, but he does not understand why he does not go wrong.

I seek this love and then with all the healed pieces. I don’t let myself be humiliated anymore and I’m looking for a man who will love himself and without addiction. Somewhere I keep looking for him. My body misses him and sometimes he comes to mind in bed with me and then I say good to me.

That I really want nothing more that he heals and feels what love is. Also because I meet again with him but especially for himself. I also feel a huge bond with his family while I have hardly seen them. I even love them

My tip: See your soul love as a mirror and dare to go your own way. That is the only way with this kind of love. It is nothing of this world. Do not follow your Ego who thinks it is in control, heal your wounds and let go and learn to let go understand. Cry a lot and dance a lot and appreciate the love between each other and make it your own.

I am curious how my beloved really know that I am his twinflame but still choose drugs. He is very conscious somewhere, but a large part is Ego. How can that resolve itself?