S378. That is how love really feels


We have also experienced it. The love between us struck like a bomb and we could not be beat away from each other. We completed each other in everything, there was so much solidarity and when we took each other’s hand it was pure and magical. Our energy is wonderful, because I feel it everywhere. I soon quit my then relationship. He was not so happy, but this being together blew it out of the water. “That is how love really feels”, I knew and I will stick to that. I love her so much …. that place in me is hers and that is permanent. She remained bound but we let our love go on. No matter how often she wanted to stop rationally for the sake of her family. If you belong together like this and you know it is very difficult. She did not like her character, while I cherished it and loved it very much. We admired each other, were completely open and “naked” in our feelings. We feel each other and we know that. After an unexpected event, our contact had to stop and she finally chose her family. We exercise at the same place and sometimes I see her running (today while I was walking there with a colleague). As soon as I intend to go somewhere or already there I already feel that she is going there too. For myself, I also try to avoid her and no matter how many life experiences and wisdom I have: this remains the only woman in my life. My love for her is anchored, pure and true. What to do next: at least I decide not to commit myself to a new woman. That would not be fair and I would feel that I was cheating. (Of course I sometimes go out for a drink with a woman, but I can’t go further than that). I signed up for volunteering in Africa, my house will go on sale in 2016, I am still following a study and a course, because no matter how difficult this is, I have to continue. I would love to be with her, but she has to take the step, since I know nothing about her situation, but she does. I love that sweet, beautiful soul and our loving bond. Pain: yes… ..but love… much much more. Happy with her X