S365. Discovered too late


I am You are WE ARE. 30 years ago met for the first time. Not understanding what happened then. It just felt good. After 30 years I suddenly hear your name in my head. What shall I do? Contact. I will not do that After so many years Then after 4 weeks … Your death notice in the newspaper You chose the light I am devastated by crying, why, why? If only I had called for help after 5 months Why so much sadness I recognized / did not understand. Where does it all come from It is said: That you belong to me That you were my great love and I yours Your twinflame Yin & Yang He is now in the light I now understand why a piece is missing in me. Puzzle pieces from mine and his life fit together. Independently of each other and yet the same things. And I “have” to do it now. I am You are WE ARE. We are no longer, now You chose the light. That brought me out of balance. I love you. It goes as it goes. Too late … because I didn’t know 🙂

I read your story with tears in my eyes. So bad that you discover who your twinflame is to find out that he no longer wanted to live and is now elsewhere. I want to support you with this; know that death is not the end, it is only a new beginning. You will meet again. Lots of love, Another twinflame (Unknown)