S360. This is so pure


I have found my soulmate with mutual acquaintances. 1 can was enough. Certainly the spark that broke when I shook his hand. The spark made my whole body shake. Although not so long ago. But the look in our eyes said enough. We need few words, only the gaze says enough.
We have a wonderful relationship. I feel that we are made for each other. Even though it is very early.
It is sometimes so intense. He reads my feelings from the text that I send to him. And vice versa. We have a bond that is for life. It is true that we feel each other so well that when one is sad, the other is crying. I certainly also experience this as positive.

We both have a difficult past. We both didn’t want a relationship anymore. Fate has brought us together
to build a bright future together . We are soulmates. And we notice this in everything. My life has not been as colorful as with my soulmate. For us, forever.

He brings me color, happiness, passion, support and the understanding of what I have missed. And certainly a lot of love and trust. I could no longer imagine my life without him. He feels me, and that is so pure, just like our love.
The most special is the spark that passed during our first touch and gaze.
The eroticism is certainly very special. It is really much better now and so pure. It is really meant.
He feels like my twinflame

Wait until your correct spark jumps. Do not search, but wait for the butterflies. The pure feeling comes with the look in your eyes, and in his / her eyes.