S351. It brought me insights


I met my soul love online about a year and a half ago. I’m a man in her early 30s, and she’s a woman from the beginning. At the time of getting to know me, I didn’t know she was a soul’s love. I had heard of it before, but I had never experienced it.
When I look back, I experience everything as very special and intense. We could and can talk to each other for hours about really
everything. Sometimes it seemed like I was talking to myself. We share roughly the same life experiences, but not in the same order. Our
acting and thinking is practically the same. It still feels like she’s a part of me. As if she completes something in me or understands what
no one has ever done before.
The relationship that we had, and still is, is purely friendly. I was and am single, but she is married.
In spite of that, I felt a very strong attraction and the need to ‘be with her’. To be ‘one’.
I don’t think my future partners will ever understand this. I would like to have and experience this same feeling in my
relationships, but I know that it will never be.
I experience a kind of attracting and repelling. We broke contact a few times in those 18 months. But we still kept in
touch via email. I have never been able to contact you again. As if I would part of myself with that. The
I sometimes also experience ‘mirror’ reflection as an obstacle. If she “hurts” herself, then I feel that pain too, and I have experienced it for a long time
as if it was or was my duty to “awaken” her. To give her new insights. I have no explanation for that.
Under other circumstances, if we had both been single, I would love to have a love affair with her
. I don’t pronounce it further, but I cannot explain my desires to make love to her. A kind of feeling of
‘coming home’.
So the relationship is just friendly. It is also very satisfying. We’ve met each other a few times in real life
seen. Everything feels very familiar. We are both types who normally don’t need a whole afternoon of dealing with friends,
but in this case it’s very different. I experience the interaction as very pleasant, I am completely at ease.
It is a very special experience. It gives a certain peace of mind to know that there is someone who fully understands you. A feeling
that you are not alone. It gives me insights. Everything I say to her, or try to convey, I actually say to myself.
The first encounter in real life was the most special. The environment, the day, the time, as if it had to be that way.
Without thinking about it, we walked hand in hand, and that feeling was very beautiful. That day, and even the little things you normally
forget, I will never forget.
I experience the feeling as unique. Something I will probably never feel again with someone else. I started looking differently at my future,
potential partners. I am single so I am open to other women. I notice that I want to have the same feeling and experience with another woman.
I am grateful for this experience. It changes your life. You come to the conclusion
that soulmates do indeed exist, and that there is more between heaven and earth. I don’t know what the future will bring. The friendship will last
but I know somewhere that I have to let go of her, in that other area, at some point. That idea really scares me when I
think about it. Anyway, everything happens for a reason …

Dear Jim,
I have read your story with great recognition and felt called to give a response. I am a woman of 37 and have a twinflame (male) of 35. I have known him for a long time and have known for 4 years that that special feeling and the special bond that you write about is there because he is my twinflame. How I found out, I leave aside for a moment, because that is a story in itself, but it is certain;)
It touches me to read it from the man’s side. That is how my twinflame should feel, because he is single and I married. I notice from everything that we feel the same for each other and that we want to come home to each other. We also do that literally; we see each other regularly (as friends). However, there is no relationship between us because we are sister-in-law and brother-in-law. My twinflame is my husband’s brother. For a very long time I felt very guilty about it, until at some point an acceptance came and the feeling was there of myself. I love him. Point. Nothing has ever happened between us that crossed the border. We have never really touched each other except for the normal touches you have in social contact. And that feels so unnatural because you would prefer to take each other in your arms, put your head on his shoulder, or kiss each other. But I cannot and will not do this to my husband whom I also love very much. Although in a different way but I do love him. Sometimes it feels desperate and I don’t know if we will ever come together. But I also had a sort of preview of the future and I see ourselves together there. However, only in many years. However it may be; there is still contact, whether we are together or not. That is telepathic, in dreams, sometimes I just feel it around me. And I enjoy it very much. This is so special and beautiful, I never wanted to miss it despite the pain it often causes. I still hope that we will see each other more often, expanding the band more but I feel that twinflame finds that difficult. Loyalty to his family is very important and I understand that because I feel that myself. We will have to be patient and see what the universe has in store. The journey there is at least as prachitg as the final destination! Love,
(A twinflame)