S337. Unconditional love


I met my twin heart when she was 18 and I 21. We knew immediately that we had a special attraction for each other, a kind of recognition. We had an intense deep spiritual relationship. We were able to discuss all kinds of topics all nights. Kissing each other, looking into each other’s eyes and merging. At least I didn’t feel like having sex with her, I thought it was a blot on our pure beautiful relationship. She attracted me one day and pushed me off the next.
We had a short-term love affair after we had known each other for 8 years. We kissed each other regularly in advance and also had long conversations. After 8 years we had a 6-week relationship in which we had twice intense sex. So intense that she got scared and decided to start a relationship with someone who better suited her friends, as we were totally opposed to each other.

In the years that follow, I also have telephone contact with my soul love every week. I never told my partners at the time that they could not handle it. Attracting and repelling, especially from her side, is an obstacle that I have a hard time dealing with. Now after 30 years still there she is now a daughter of 16. We now have a love affair that gives both a lot of satisfaction. What we both experience is so intense, at an unknown level. We have a telepathic and empathic link. We have recently also had a sexual relationship. She was particularly afraid of
that because our contact is so intense. This has indeed been proven and since then she is missing even more than before.

My soul love has brought me unconditional love. She accepts me as I am and I accept her. She has qualities that I would definitely not get from other partners. And vice versa. In appearance she is definitely not my type and I am not hers. We have a deep telepathic and empathic bond that makes us know that it is special. It is more intense than I have ever experienced before. Heaven and especially hell.
The first time we had sex after so many years. The real deed has not yet happened. However, predict each other orally to satisfy. She said she could never enjoy sex. Just once and that was 30 years ago with me. I gave everything in sex to let her fully enjoy. We had sex for hours, and the day was still too short.
I had sex with other relationships. Never very satisfying. With my soul love I made love. So intense. Even if I had had my high point, which normally takes away the sense of sex and caresses. This remained with her. That’s why we have eroticism and sex for hours.

This is unconditional. I accept things that I would not accept in a normal relationship. The idea that she (she is still married) just also has sex with her own husband, I would not accept any other woman. I have no jealousy with her at all, in the beginning I do, but I have let go of that feeling. I told her to do what she has to do to survive.
In the time that we had no contact, she was always in my mind, weak at times but she was always there. I always knew that someone was walking around who loved me intensely. She has also confirmed this.
You can only have such an intense relationship with one person in the world. I am monogamous, so I am not looking for another relationship.