S336. Parasite


Recently I have read beautiful loving experiences about twinflames.
When 2 beautiful souls are united together, this is the most beautiful moment that someone can experience in his life. Feelings of pure love and happiness
that rush through the atmosphere like love lazer rays.

But sometimes a person can find it differently and the other half is like a parasite flowing through the veins. Even though this is being stopped for years
, it still knows how to find an entrance to enter. Then someone can be controlled by the devious, arrogant ego who owns someone
and who fools everything and everyone to achieve his / her goal / need. The white carpet is contaminated by the mud that it
carries with it. The good person charged with this is looked at by others. All projections are polluted and the person is
no longer welcome anywhere. The polluted ego causes the good to manifest itself as labile, stupid or mentally ill. Let the latter be
like that.
I know what it’s like.