S334. After the soul love


24 years ago I saw him for the last time … my first love..so intense..so safe and warm and so deep.25 years ago. A year later … he didn’t look at me … I didn’t get it and it hurt terribly. Throughout the years I kept thinking about him and 12 years after the first meeting I wrote him a letter, because I felt that he was not doing well. A year and a half later he called, his mother had the letter
received in Europe, but in the meantime he lived in another continent. From that moment on and off contact and it was always familiar. Something was bothering me, why 25 years ago no responses to my letters. Now we know … his mother immediately threw away my letters, he never got them. The love that I feel for him will never pass, nor will the love that he feels for me. With him I feel completely myself.
Even though we live in two different continents and have chosen a different path due to circumstances, we know that our love for each other will always be there. We talk a lot and we can lose everything to each other. It hurt that due to circumstances it
the way things have gone differently, but love certainly doesn’t hurt, knowing that there will always be someone who loves you just the way you are, that’s a great feeling. After 25 years I will meet him and know that we will never be together like 25 years ago, but it goes so much further, our commitment goes further than physical contact. We feel each other’s presence without seeing each other. I never expected that something like that could be so intense. I am happily married, I have a wonderful family and I now see it as a huge happiness that I can experience both. I know that I am his love and he is mine, he would leave his continent to be with me, but after all I have made this choice, but the love for him will remain, I now know that. For a long time it was confusing and often tucked away,