S325. We are just the only people in the world who accept each other as they are


I had known her for years at school, but had never really met her. She was just the younger sister of a classmate. Years later I met her again at a party. It was just after my ski trip during a very heavy, black period for me.

During the conversation I noticed that her admiration grew for what I had already endured and I saw her eyes sparkle more and more with the minute. After that evening, we agreed weekly or sometimes more to talk about the things of life and to explain our problems to each other.

We sometimes knew beforehand what the other person would say and always knew to put the other person at ease. It was something supernatural. The conversations were so profound and emotional that the passion also struck in other areas. They were the happiest moments of my life.

After a few months we each went our own way, because there was something that slowed me down. Probably the fear of losing the best sounding board in the world, who knows?

In the following years we had occasional contact, no more, no less. But now we have met again at a time when one of the two of us is back with serious problems. And without asking, the other person is back, like a prediction that came true.

The passion for speaking is still there. Feel each other too. We are just the only people in the world who accept each other as they are. And there is still electricity in the air.

She is someone I never want to get rid of and I know I can always count on her. She gave me extra courage and zest for life and I want it back. And I have been missing the hugs that made me relax for more than six years.

Some things are simply unpredictable and at the same time unavoidable.