S324. My soul love made me feel that I was worth loving


We met in a bar. He looked at me from afar and smiled at me. I didn’t understand, I was very closed and suspicious. I had broken off a 5-year relationship that same month because I had found out that my ex was cheating all the time and had a different life. Still his smile appealed to me. He gestured that I had to smile back and I couldn’t resist that. He then approached me and started a conversation. He soon said he felt a connection with me.

I was quite overwhelmed (also only 21 years old) and did not know what to do, but I was attracted to him. He eventually walked to my car and asked for my phone number. Arguing as I was, I did not give it, but I did take his. That night I lay awake. I could not leave him out of my mind. I decided to send him a message, to which he replied the next morning that he would like to meet. We agreed the same day, it was a great date. We could talk about everything and had similar tastes despite our age difference (25 years) and different origins. When we first kissed that night, I knew: this is him! I have stayed with him since and never left! I spent a few more nights in my own apartment in the 3 months thereafter and then moved in with him.

The relationship is intense. The first weekend we were together felt like a dream. We were so very happy and did nothing but make love. I felt understood and so did he. We worshiped each other! When I met his friends (we knew each other for 2 days) we were all together with each other’s hands. For a big tough man like that he says a lot! It felt fantastic!

We still have good conversations that do not bore each other, but we can also easily spend hours together without talking. If we are without each other, we miss each other enormously! Shortly after our meeting, I had to go on a business trip for 5 days and spent an hour and a half on the phone with him every night. Then we only knew each other for a week! When he dropped me off at the airport, I already said that I loved him. He then said: “I love you too.”

We come from totally different cultures and we have an age difference of 25 years. He is wise, but also hard at life. I am even more idealistic, softer and more forgiving. Sometimes it clashes that he is so hard and nobody in the world still trusts. At the same time, we have both lived a life in which we have been deceived and abandoned a great deal, something we have in common. We also both lost our mother when we were 18.

There was no doubt that we heard and wanted to be together. From day 1 I stayed and stayed with him! He wanted to take things a bit easier with living together, because he was a little older and wiser. Due to circumstances I had to leave my house and there was little choice. Not a wrong choice, because after 4 years we are still together and we just had a beautiful baby!

Our relationship is very strong. We love each other dearly and cannot live without each other. Sometimes we have a fight, often for small things, but then I feel so bad! He is an inner vetter, but I feel that he also suffers. We feel each other flawlessly and need few words. The relationship feels safe, trusted and gets better every day!

My soul love made me feel that I was worth loving. I had lived in grief for years, loneliness, drug problems, eating disorders, death, a broken family, etc. He gave me confidence again. He still makes me strong every day, he sees that as his mission. He therefore sometimes appears cool and numb, but he wants me to be able to handle life, even alone.

The best thing is that we stayed together immediately since our first date. I have never experienced so much love so quickly! In addition, the best thing is that we now have a beautiful child together!

Yes. Especially in the first phase of love, but still today, it feels intense, as if we are one together. We fully enjoy it. I love his scent the most, it feels so familiar.

I always think about him, even though we spend a lot of time together. I thank the universe every day for coming into my life. I feel that I must enjoy his love every day and I feel truly blessed. I love him dearly. I often imagine that I will hold his hand when he dies, that we will be together until then and that I will always be there for him.

Everyone around me thought I was going too fast, since a long and humiliating relationship had just ended, but I followed my heart. I knew he was the one. Love cannot always be timed. People didn’t understand that very well.

It sounds cliché, but my tips are not to look at appearance, race, age or other ‘earthly’ things when you meet someone. Watch your feelings and follow your heart. Allow yourself to love and be loved!