S318. Soul love: 1000 times more than the love for my husband


I had never heard of the concept of soul love. We meet because one day I had asked a question on the internet that a complete stranger responded to. He wanted to help me with my problem. All very innocent. We kept in touch and after months of daily chatting he would come and make my computer. For 200 km he had to ride his motorcycle at 3 degrees. For someone he had never seen. It didn’t happen that day. After driving 100 km and half frozen he called that he would not come. What a disappointment that was for both. A strange unrest calmed down and a few months later came to a complete eruption. When our eyes met, it was like a bomb exploded. Pain, love, recognition, What was this ?? Even at the most in love moment in my life I have never felt this. Wasn’t I the good wife for my husband?

For me this experience was the feeling of being reborn. Such an intense love for a complete stranger. I didn’t know this about myself. Me, always in control of myself.

I still speak my soul love every day. The feeling of being 1 is still a miracle for us both every day and also a bizarre game of life. I’m trapped in a pretty good marriage and he’s alone. We care about 13 years.

My partner does not understand and does not want to understand. I also understand that. Conversely, I would also have difficulty with it. it feels like cheating while there has never been an intimate kiss.

My soul friend likes dark, slender, Asian and young and tight while I do not own 1 of these features. My marriage is also sometimes an obstacle. I want to see him, but how do I explain that to my husband?

If you look at us in the heart and there is no marriage in between, I think we would have a love affair. And then one with such ultimate love and as pure as could be imagined.

the relationship that we have now, we have to participate. it is not satisfactory but that we have daily contact feels like the highest attainable. Every now and then we tell each other that we love each other. Isn’t that great?

Soul Love has taught me that the love I thought I had for my husband was not true love. Now I know that soul love is 1000 times more than that and the feeling is so many times more intense and indescribable. I see it as a precious gift of life, but it also brings my very quiet life into a storm.

The most beautiful thing was our meeting. Love at first sight. 4 eyes that immediately looked up the heart and 2 hearts that jumped up with this recognition. And yet, when we see each other, our hearts merge and we are happy without words. We cannot look each other in the eye, we cannot handle this. We went on holiday together (3 people) for a month. So fine and perfect. At least for 2 of the 3.

For me it is a soul love feeling: incredible, bizarre, wonderful, intense, pain, tingling throughout the body. only when you have experienced soul love do you again have a soul !!!!! I feel privileged.

Sometimes I think, am I getting ready? or is this really what they mean by twinflames and soul love.

We have said to each other that this love will last until death and that when a next life comes, we may live this together.