S315. The mirror we gave each other was sometimes too confrontational


There he stood in the doorway to pick up his daughter.
Look deeply released into each other’s eyes.
We meet more often during the period that followed; short conversations familiar, coming home. Always with emotion; my heart was completely open, his love streamed through my body; it tingled. He invited me home; danger, now what. This step is irreversible. I sat there with him on the couch, talking about my bad relationship; he comforts me and kisses me. The fire shoots through my body. I’m sure. Upon coming home I tell my husband that I want to leave him; that I am in love. No doubt whatsoever; no way back; this is deep love.

It was a roller coaster of feelings. all emotions were open at the same time. A confusing time; abandon your husband and such an intense love that drowned me. I wanted to be alone and could forget and leave everything. It disturbed my development. I felt addicted and he let go.

After 2 turbulent years left each other, the release process started. It was not real. Releasing was not an option. I processed the pain and then allowed it into my life step by step. Both of our lives had continued; both in new relationship. We merge with every meeting; come emotions. Now of intense happiness to share this soul relationship with each other.

We are 15 years later; the contact is strong. I feel; know; how he is doing. We don’t have to be together. He is always present in my body and mind.
I left my husband for him. I talk about it with my current partner. He knows he should never let me choose. I can never leave my soulmate.

The desire to be together; stifled and limited us in our development. Now that we see each other less often, we indicate the route of our development at that moment, and we have time in our own way to continue with this.

I wanted nothing more than to be with him. He couldn’t handle it. Now after 15 years we have an intense friendship which is also sometimes physical. We still merge when we are together. The mirror we gave each other was sometimes too confrontational.