S312. It has opened my heart



Releasing the pain of him brought me to myself

We recognized each other 11 years ago. We are still together but he no longer recognizes me.

It felt like recognition and coming home. As if we had always known each other. The love was very intense and difficult because we were young and the ego was still in the way.

I have been with him for 11 years, 8 of whom have been married. We have a 5 year old daughter and I am 5 months pregnant with our 2nd child. Unfortunately, our marriage is now booming.

In my story it’s the other way around. He is now in love with someone else and thinks that he has soul love with her, that is possible and that is very difficult. Because of this situation I can feel how strong our soul love is.

Now he is about to leave me for another woman. I am challenged to trust in our soul love and to let him go. I have to surrender to the plan of the universe.

I really want to continue our love affair, but he no longer knows if he wants to do that with me.

Our relationship is a marriage where he is with someone else’s heart. He is there to take care of his daughter and me. I am weakened by the pain and the pregnancy.

What it has brought me is that it has opened my heart. Releasing the pain of him brought me to myself and I now also recognize other soulmates. I understand the plan of the universe. I understand the plan for him because he has been lost for a long time. This is an opportunity for him to find himself again. I surrender to the spirit. Pain brings me insights and contact with my soul and that of others.

The most special? Too many to mention. We are very different, but our soul love always brought us back to the pure love that allowed us to be together for 11 years.

The eroticism was always volatile with us. When we got to know each other, it was so passionate to drown. During our marriage, ego was often what made it difficult. Now because of all the pain, the passion is back. Confusing and beautiful.

The soul love feeling: feels like my other half. He makes me whole and I will let go of him broken. And yet I can because I know that our soul love will always be there.

are still together but he is in love with another. It’s killing me! I cannot describe how much pain I have. He is also very unhappy but he is stuck. He still has to go through this process. The outcome is uncertain.

It is sometimes possible that your partner thinks he has found his twin, but that sometimes it is about something else. I feel that my husband is my soul love and that he no longer recognizes me. Apparently it is necessary for him to fall deeply in love with someone else to find his path again. And I love him unconditionally and let him go and trust the universe.

My tip: Let go! Trust the universe, you get what you need.