S294. I got to know all corners of my emotions


In July 2010 I registered at a meeting site of people who are looking for like-minded souls. It wasn’t a dating site because I wasn’t looking for a male friendship or relationship. Just wanted to get in touch with people (men / women) who had the same interests, because I missed that very much in that period. A man responded and before I knew it the lightning had struck. Coup de foudre, as the French say so beautifully. Everything really happened, which I can now describe as magic. Almost immediately knew that this was my twinflame and I got confirmation from the spiritual world and from Marion. My twin had a very intense life and had a cancer that could not be cured, but could be cured.
I was in a very bad marriage with a man who is an alcoholic, but I knew the background and oh well I am a soul pastor, that is my profession. As a result, I had handles to deal with the situation, that this has been bad for me may be clear. Through the meeting with my twin, I realized that I could not continue in this marriage and I decided to take steps to live alone. Of course hoping to continue with him.
We only had contact online and in September we met for the first time. It felt like coming home there was no doubt about it, this felt so familiar. After that weekend I went on vacation and I heard nothing from him, he turned out to be very sick. He scrambled to his feet again, and when he did, the next serious illness came. He tried to be online as much as possible and to let me know how he was doing. At one point that was too stressful for him and he “disappeared” for a while without making a voice.
In the last 1.5 years I have got to know all corners of my emotions. I called the 0909 line from Marion a couple of times, because I really got through it. Now I know that it is necessary to learn and experience what it feels like to miss someone intensely and, as it were, to go right through that pain and put yourself aside. That is what I have tried to do, put myself aside while everything in my heart / soul yearned for him. I have experienced tremendous spiritual growth in these 1.5 years and I would not have succeeded if I had not met him.
He knows exactly how I am put together and I know exactly how he is put together, as if I have a blueprint in my hands. I already know his feeling and thinking.
My twin experienced our being together as very beautiful, but also as very stressful, because he really wanted to be with me, but his physical problems were too great. In February this year he sent me an e-mail that was so hurtful to me that I deleted and tore everything that had to do with him. I knew at that moment that I had to do that, not out of anger or anger, only afraid that if I were back to my senses, I could not let go. I knew intuitively that this was necessary. We were supposed to come together in the final phase of our lives, but due to physical problems that was not possible.
The e-mail came in so hard that the ground under my feet seemed to fall away and I still had to drive. You can do a lot if you commit yourself to that, I have gone and that has been good. After that I ‘popped’ up. Called again the next day with the 0909 line (a real lifesaver), things became clearer to me. That allowed me to send my love a letter that came straight from my heart. By writing everything down I got more and more insight into why things went as they went and I was able to say goodbye to him in love on earthly level. He felt guilty that he had done it this way because he knew how damaging the mail he had sent. I was able to let him know that this was not necessary, that it is his way of dealing with difficult situations.
That evening I sat on the couch, glad I closed it well, and I saw a light. This light came from a spot in the kitchen. These spots never burned, because I don’t know where the on and off button is (rent this house from a private person and never asked) This spot burned for about 1 minute and then it went out again. That happened about four times. I thought before I start thinking about everything, I call Nicolien (0909 line) whether this is an ordinary statement or a message. When I dialed Nicolien’s number, the commercial went on again. Nicolien realized that it was a message from Hogerhand, that the light was not going out. On earth level we were not together but on an energetic level we were still circling around each other. Was happy with this explanation and I felt it was right.

This message is so special to me that I can continue now. And can say in full
“My love, once and for all”