S293. It is not possible at all and yet it did


I read it online a long time ago.
He was able to articulate everything online, I thought everything he wrote was super.
I laughed at him, he made me happy.
I didn’t know we were almost the same age, when I read it I thought it was old.
Much older than me.
I felt him coming online and going offline on that site, very strange.
Sometimes he went away for months, then I missed him enormously.
I learned a lot through him, not thanks, I did it myself but learned to see through it etc.
Years ago, few people knew about my feeling for my twinflame.
Nobody believed this later, and now I think many will doubt, but it really happened.
So far my question mark.
How can something like this happen?
It is not possible at all and yet it did.

My mother woke up on a summer night and heard a dove cooing, that dove cooing his nickname, because he probably had an average name, I could never have refuted that to him!
But because it was his nickname, I knew who it was.
My mother told me all this with a strange look in her eyes, that means they are not normal and as a sober person, are you really going to think what is this?
I knew she wouldn’t lie to me, but you doubt?
You think that such a thing cannot exist and yet it really was like that.
Three weeks after that I woke up myself on a summer night / morning and a pigeon raced outside, and that pigeon actually bought its nickname online.
I thought for a moment that I was crazy, that is not possible, well yes it was so.
Literally! I got up and washed myself with ice cold water, so I was really sure that I was really awake!
But I heard and kept hearing that pigeon cooing his nickname.
Sure nobody believes me. Or my mother!
That is very yes, I cannot tell all kinds of people, because I know they cannot take me seriously.
My mother died three months afterwards, and she turned out to be seriously ill without our knowledge, none of them!
After that I sometimes had contact with him, but everything went wrong that could go wrong, everything went wrong as it could go wrong.
So far I don’t understand why, why!
And I think that of the 5000 people, only one can believe this!
Sorry but really it really happened!
Of course that twinflame didn’t understand me when I told you that isn’t too crazy for words?
There are no such things, do they?
But it will happen to you and it happened to me and what should I do with it now?
I don’t have a single answer so far and I might be left with that question forever.
Great no!
And yes I think he is the only man who would suit me, the rest I don’t care by the way.
I don’t wait either, think everything is fine and fine … but this understand?
Never once …
someone who can understand this?
And no I have no contact with him. Not anymore.