S280. We go sky high and rock bottom


I was looking for work and walked into his restaurant because the wait staff was being asked. I was assisted by a staff member who walked backwards. He came back with pen and paper and I had to write down my details. Then I saw him, there was immediately eye contact, long eye contact. It came in, this is the one !!

It was intense, he had a relationship with a jealous type, was not really serious. I was working there and we were very close to each other. I felt him, his energy. After a few months there was no stopping and we got a relationship.

We could / can be very united and live in harmony. We can also fight like dogs and cats. Our relationship, well, I had a relationship with him two years ago. That went out, the crazy thing is, everything he says is not true. His energy says everything.
I stopped working with him, new friend, in short turned 180 degrees to turn back 180 degrees half a year ago.

We love each other, everything seems to disappear and to be good when we are together. Loving is deep, incomprehensible and if you start thinking rationally, truthful. We go sky high and rock bottom. Forgiveness towards each other is truly incomprehensible to everyone.

I left him a month and a half ago. It is so intense and we are so in each other’s emotions. Yet I know that I want to be with him and he with me. We are not yet ripe enough, both too unstable and unknowingly confront each other with our shortcomings. But we still have contact, over the phone, see each other every week and on the surface, I think of you and ping … the phone rings.

Communicate without a word, deep passionate love, intense parties. The world keeps turning but I am not participating for a while.
Such intense feelings of love, but also, I can’t get angry with anyone like him, but I need 2 seconds and I forgive him.

What I found most special was that our eye contact lasted for 2 minutes when we first met. Without exchanging a word our souls made such deep contact and we knew it.

Eroticism was more intense than ever, we are merging, I am not concerned with what we do, we are an energy.

The soul love feeling: he knows it deep down, but he is terrified of it.

I would do anything to continue with him, even though I am the younger in the story, I am the stronger and spiritually developed. He still has to admit to that.
It is there every time I need it. Saying goodbye to each other is not possible. I know he will be the father of my children, we get married and grow old together. The time is not yet ripe, but it will come soon.

My tip: Even though everyone declares you crazy, you no longer think rationally. Know true love, it makes you irrational …