S273. It only misunderstands me and WHY ??? asked questions


During a contact in my child’s group. It was my child’s teacher.
I experienced it as divine energy, streamed into me, telepathy, talk without words, a withdrawal that we were making love on the beach while we only knew each other.
I did not tell my partner, who would not understand, is not a believer, twinflame is.
I don’t think we will have a love affair, we both have a relationship and I am 13.5 years older! At most friendship, not really satisfying but it cannot and must not be otherwise.

It only misunderstands me and WHY ??? Asked questions.

The most special thing for me was almost kissing, twice! once then I had experienced a spiritual orgasm, very strange and very beautiful while hardly touching, only his mouth was very close. A kiss in the neck to him.

For me, the soul love feeling is ALL encompassing love PURE and BEAUTIFUL.

I feel numb, having no feeling anymore, having earthly relationships. can not should not otherwise we hurt others.

I will never find a soul love again.
Why do we experience this? !!!

My tip: Enjoy it, once in a lifetime