S272. Apparently it exists. Never knew it could be that intense


We were together a lot at work in the beginning and I noticed that it worked well. We felt very strongly about each other and shared many private matters together.
I thought it was just love, but then the lightning flash came, as many of you described. We looked at each other and in a fraction of a second there was the feeling throughout your body, that feeling that you cannot really describe.

Someone else was present and we couldn’t let ourselves go, but you gave me a kiss in my neck from scratch. All day I was in the clouds and excited. This was love at first sight for me. But after reading a number of books and this website, I knew it was my soulmate. Everything was right. even after we went somewhere together for work, we said the same words at the same time. How coincidental can that be?

Our relationship became more and more intimate with small touches, hugs, but never further. When she was in my neighborhood I felt myself radiate. If I had to look up something with her in the computer, I could already feel her warmth about 2 or 3 centimeters away. What an energy. When our arms were close together, I felt her hair, what a feeling. She also had no objection to these contacts.

I am very closed about my emotions and have never discussed this with my partner, but I think it cannot have escaped my partner how differently I behaved, as if it were only the more attention I paid to my appearance.

As with many others, our obstacle was that we were both married while she was many years younger than me and also had 2 small children. In business terms, this could also have far-reaching consequences, so my rational part said don’t!

Without ever talking about it, we both knew that a love relationship was not possible. I have had countless conversations with her in my head, but never in real life.

We see each other very rarely, because we hardly see each other anymore at work. If she is there then I try to keep my distance, but that doesn’t really work. Looking into her eyes immediately gives that different feeling. I think about her every day and sometimes I feel that things are not going well. Recently I have been “dreaming” that when I go to bed I go to see her at home while she is already in bed, I then caress her and give a night kiss, leaving my heart and my name behind on the pillow. This ultimately gives me peace of mind for myself, which I need.

Apparently it exists. Never knew it could be so intense, which makes you very restless yourself. Like so many, you wonder why she didn’t come across my path before, what else could it have been.

The most special thing for me was: The one “lightning flash” was the feeling that came from it. Never to be matched again I think.

It did not come to physical eroticism and never will, but it does have that tension and dreams about it.

The problem is that your feeling cannot really be described, that blissful warmth inside, nothing is comparable.

The relationship is still there, but not that intensive anymore, but as soon as we see each other again, that tension is immediately present again, I cannot resist it.

I don’t know if there will ever be another experience like that, do you only have one soulmate or can there be several?

I am very rational to myself, but I just can’t explain this, so there must be more …