S263. He is in my head every minute of the day


I had known my soulmate for a number of years before I discovered that he was my soulmate. Always found him very attractive and always felt happy in his environment. We have many interfaces and can talk well. He often came across him at village festivals and we always made contact for a short while.

The moment that lightning struck me came a few years ago … I was standing with my partner at the fair looking at an attraction, when I suddenly looked aside and saw that my soulmate came walking towards us .. meeting our eyes each other and an energy flash went straight into my body through my heart chakra and touched every cell in my body … an enormous force and heat explosion resulted … my body tingled afterwards completely … I was so upset by it. I don’t know if he has experienced it that way either, I have never heard of him … but I had never felt such a thing, so intense it felt …

After that I could not put him out of my head anymore, he is in my head every minute of my day, in my thoughts … I prefer to be with him day and night, but unfortunately that is not possible, we are both in a different relationship. I expressed my feelings to him, something that I should perhaps not have done. Our contact has since become a lot more superficial on his part, he keeps more distance, repulses me. He admitted that he did like me, but did not fall in love with me … That while I clearly notice from his body language that it is indeed different. My feeling tells me very clearly that he is indeed in love, but cannot express it because of his reputation. He has a successful business and does not want to take his family apart, which I think is the reason why we cannot be together.

I find it very difficult to let him go and move on with my life. My relationship with my partner has suffered greatly. He knows that I have very strong feelings for my soulmate. I told you. Is so in doubt what to do … My partner does not want to hurt but it is also very difficult to put aside the feelings I have for my soulmate, I really tried that, but I just don’t succeed, because they to be violent ..

Who is in a similar situation? Since the ‘impact’ my life has changed dramatically and my life has been turned upside down … What to do now? Someone tips?
With kind regards.

What I really want to recommend to you is to read the article about twinflames on the Droomvrienden.nl site. I wish you a lot of strength and wisdom! Dear greetings,