S261. Telepathic contact


I am searching what it is and I found this site because I was looking for telepathic contact. I don’t know if this is soul love. There is a man whose presence I feel throughout my body. He looks at me, it makes me so shy that I walk away. It feels like pure intuition or a kind of instinct. We both have a long-term relationship and children. Until recently I was able to keep him at bay without it being weird. Now our children are playing together, the child feels like it is mine, I am very happy with his wife. It is becoming strange now that we are not talking to each other. I just don’t know what to say.

I feel terribly attracted to him like a magnet, I find him very attractive. I do not know if he is a nice man because I have never spoken to him. It started with that he looked at me, that I felt it and that I have the feeling to look into his soul when I look into his eyes, and vice versa it feels the same, he looks through me. As if we are talking at a distance. Also just at home in the evening sometimes I suddenly feel ‘tuned in’ to him, as if we are in contact. It is very sexually charged.

We have no relationship. I’m afraid of it, afraid that I will fall in love with him and destroy everything. I do not want that. I don’t know if it’s mutual. Last week it became weird that we didn’t talk. Instead of sitting with him, I sat on a different bench. He started to bully his daughter about falling in love. I suddenly realized that I should have sat down next to him and put myself over this. That he found it strange.

I think the feeling is so strong that it stays, the moment is wrong, maybe someday it will bloom. It’s in me now I don’t forget it’s too special. I once visited a clairvoyant, just before I met my current husband. She described a strong relationship after this marriage, something that was so strong that at some point it was no longer possible to fight against it. This morning I thought he might be this man.

How do I find out if this is mutual? How can I deal with this family without cultivating this feeling? Is it possible that you talk to each other without talking? I have not been aware of a number of spiritual gifts for very long. I think he’s less developed in this.