S260. Give each other space


I met him at a time when I was very flat and turned into myself after the death of my son and nobody could touch me or reach me. When I saw him he touched me deep inside and he kept me busy from that moment on, I immediately missed him if he wasn’t there while I had only seen him once. This surprised me, how could this happen right now, at this moment of my life. It was actually not possible.

Longing for and looking forward to him and feeling immensely safe, experiencing a peace of mind and feeling an enormous indescribable feeling of love. In addition, the love is so great that anxiety is added, fear of losing him and because he knows me so well, he touches things that nobody else knows and knows.

Very confronting because of that I feel very vulnerable. That is why it is also very intense. Love comes quickly and in all aspects, being unable to and with each other, attracting and repelling. But always know that this love remains, no matter what. And after more than 3 years in which many things have happened that you as a couple do not normally survive, we are really very strong. The conflicts become less and the connectedness greater.

We now have a love affair. We had a daughter together. I discovered that I was pregnant with my soul love on the date my son died two years earlier. No one in our area understood that we had made this choice in these circumstances.

Obstacles from a deep past, processing cases that came out because we feel so good about each other and were touched by conversations. We have a love affair. This has developed positively over the years. We broke up a few times. This was very short. Although we sometimes could not cope without each other, we wanted to develop a good way to be together.

We have been living together for a few months and we are married. This feels very good now. We have found our peace. He complements me. He gives me the peace and freedom to develop myself. It feels good to be with him. I feel very loved and it is nice to have someone with whom I can have anything. He belongs to me and he stays with me no matter what.

That we think and feel the same at most moments. We can really enjoy small moments and the moment that we could hold our daughter in our arms. That we realize that we have each other. The eroticism is very different. It immediately feels good, it is very intense. There is a feeling of infinite love, no matter what. I have had a fierce path of life and thought that I would continue alone. I am grateful that I can get to know him now.

Tips: that you must continue to follow your feelings in the relationship that it can be very intense with conflicts, but also in a loving sense. It can be overwhelming, try not to run away from it that sometimes you will go deep into the relationship. It takes a lot of energy, but put your fear aside. Try to be confident that it will stay, but remain yourself, this needs your twinflame. Your twinflame will understand you if you don’t do this.

Grab each other’s hands and continue to respect each other, give each other space and lots of love. You know how to approach each other, that’s what your twinflames are for and if this means that you have to let him / her go for a moment, do this too. He / she will come back and live your own life. Keep developing yourself, you’ll be fine! Enjoy it, earthly life is already so short!

Is there someone who recognized my story?