S256. As if a thin wire runs between us


Discovered through the hyves a message sent with just 1 question and we could not get loose again .. Attractiveness via 1 message alone, after many e-mails about normal things of the world but always put a question in the mail so he or I always had to answer .

At the very first meeting I stood nailed to the ground could not get away while he and I were both married and I knew it was not good that I was standing here. Said to D. that he had to leave because I could not and he could not take me in his arms and when his hand touched mine what I felt then was indescribable .. so much warmth, emotions everything beat love of everything and alone by his hand in mine. We both went back to our own house without knowing what he was feeling. And we mailed each other what we felt and he felt the same when my hand took his.

I had a relationship for 3 years while I was married for the first 1.5 years. I got divorced because I felt something with D. that was so much deeper than what I knew. My husband, now an ex-husband, could not handle this at all, of course I had a relationship with another man. There was actually an emotional connection first, but the rest came after six months. So I got divorced because my exman saw what I felt for D. and how I talked about that I had never done to him. D.’s wife does not believe in the feelings that D. has for me. She does not believe in soul love and wants him to let go.

I could give up everything just to be with him. I got divorced because I wanted to share my life with D. However, I have been divorced for 1.5 years now and still D. is with his wife there is something stopping him. He says that it is not love between us but what is going on at home. I would love to go on with D. furthermore, more and more things are added that I can’t handle well anymore. Does not want to share everything with him, but also the holidays. Calling when I can fall asleep in his arms so yes I prefer nothing. He says the same, however, why does he not choose me. He talks about deep love about more than loving that he once loved his wife. Dislike her has been sleeping in the attic for months. He hasn’t touched her for 2 years and he still doesn’t choose us for us.

He put an end to it yesterday, does not answer the phone anymore on my text messages .. let me fall due to a disagreement so the relationship is gone .. snap that did not think it was strong enough.

I have experienced soul love as something special, especially warm, something that you encounter in your life once you are lucky. But letting go of soul love is very disappointing. For me it feels like something as special as something that you can never and never let go. Letting go feels as if everything no longer makes sense as if the world is going to end. If you have felt such a deep love how on earth can you settle for less?

At our first meeting I felt his hand in mine. That moment was magically indescribable. And that moment is still there if I could feel his hand in mine. Feels likes the first time together.

The eroticism was as if we had known each other for years, everything was new, but everything felt so familiar, pure union with heart and soul fusion really literally and figuratively. During intercourse so many emotions are released that he or I is sometimes so emotional that one starts to cry but not because of sorrow purely from love and feeling such a special feeling. As something infinite something that should never stop something that you cannot describe at all. Actually I have no words for it, there is not a single word that describes how I experience it. No word is good enough that comes close to those feelings. I always say when you have experienced it you know what I mean.

I have the feeling that I will never again meet someone who gives me what I experienced with D. The relationship ended because there was disagreement between us and he could not have it. I am convinced that there is only 1 person where you feel what I have experienced. Which means that I don’t have to look for a similar love because there is no such thing.

When I read the stories of others, it is often that you have to let go of your soul love, but how do you let go of what you love the most without having to make any effort. Loving is so easy and I can tell you that we have made enough that it has certainly not only been fun and I notice how strong the bond is as if there is a thin wire between us that will never break. How do you let go of the person for whom you want everything?